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Remote Teaching at Millfield Prep School
Millfield Prep School Remote Food Technology Lesson


The transition to remote learning has been a new challenge for Millfield Prep School. However, with pupils already used to using technology in their everyday learning, the school community has quickly adapted to the new ‘remote learning’ period.

We caught up with two Millfield Prep teachers, who told us all about their experience of the first week of remote teaching.

“In Food Technology, each class is being given either a video or voiceover video of the practical we would normally be doing. This week, Year 8 have made Chelsea buns and pasta Bolognese, Year 7 are doing lemon drizzle cakes, Year 6 made cupcakes and Year 5 are making their very own baked apples.

So far, video has been our primary teaching provision, but the educational app ‘Explain Everything’ is proving to be the most useful and more frugal in terms of broadband usage. Everything is uploaded onto Showbie and each class has its own code and folder for work done at home. Pupils are uploading pictures of what they make, with a little evaluation of how it all went. We have some avid and creative bakers at Millfield Prep; one pupil Scarlett K (currently in Hong Kong) is even trying to create her own sourdough starter!

hg0088线上网址I am hoping to organise an Easter baking competition and am quite enjoying the challenge of improving my digital skills, an opportunity in these challenging times.

hg0088线上网址I virtually register my tutor group every morning before they take part in the Joe Wicks online PE lesson, it’s lovely to touch base with them all.”

-          Mrs Henderson, Food Technology Teacher


“This period of remote learning has meant Year 4 have been introduced to Showbie earlier than usual. This transition has not only enabled the children to access an array of learning, but it has also given them a platform for discussion and communication, which they may have otherwise missed while being away from school. I have been very impressed by the maturity of the children’s use of Showbie.

To assist in the children’s learning, they have been using Active Learn, Mangahigh and Purple Mash. They have continued to access their AR reading quizzes, in order to keep up with their reading comprehension and I have also used Maths Corbett to show examples of maths calculations. It has been a great chance to research the vast amount of resources available to teachers.

hg0088线上网址Remote teaching has taught me, firstly, how much I miss the comical daily chatter from the children! Secondly, it has taught me the importance of interaction, and as such I have tried my best to ensure high communication and availability at all times, on Showbie and email. I have also made sure my presentations have an audio function, so the children can continue to learn as they would in the classroom. I wouldn’t want them to forget my voice!

hg0088线上网址Within Year 4, while we have continued with our English and Maths curriculums, as well as our recent business projects, we have also set up an Enrichment folder where the children have taken part in drawing and photography competitions.

hg0088线上网址I have been extremely impressed by how the children have taken to remote learning, as well as the parents! I have received many photos of the children partaking in the daily Joe Wicks workout, children working on Maths tasks or curled up reading. While I am thrilled the children have been continuing their education from a far, I am equally thrilled they have been making the most of the glorious weather and have been continuing the Millfield Prep ethos of outdoor activity.”

-          Miss Hirst, Year 4 Teacher

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